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ACTMate Excel Importer for ACT! 2006 1.0

ACTMate Excel Importer for ACT! 2006 1.0

ACTMate Excel Importer for ACT! 2006 Publisher's Description

ACTMate Importer ACTMate Importer for ACT! Overview

Easily import Excel data into ACT using the ACTMate Importer and control precisely how each field is updated. You can define your own Excel formulas so that input data is validated and clean before you update ACT!. The preview mode allows you to see the impact of the import before you update any values. This allows you to fine-tune the mapping rules and not accidentally overwrite any valuable data.

You can define up to 5 separate lookups to narrow in on the exact records in ACT! For example, you could start with the phone number, then check the email address, company name, etc. If an single match is found, then that record will be update. If more than one record is found, you can decide how to proceed.

Using the advanced field options, you can tailor the import to meet you exact needs. For example, you can define your own Excel formula to combine two input fields into one field. Any Excel formula can be used, including the string functions and statements. Your Excel formulas can include data from the input file and existing data in Excel. For example, you can set up a formula that references one or more ACT fields (such as state, ID/Status), and then set the source field appropriately.

Product Features
  • Import into Contacts, Companies and Groups
  • Import notes, history and opportunities
  • Automatically create/Link Company records with Contacts
  • Support for all versions of Excel
  • Choose which sheet to import
  • Save/Load Field mappings
  • Define field-level rules:
    • Only update if source value is not empty
    • Only update if target value is empty
    • Merge or append values with existing values
    • Append values to existing values
  • Handle duplicate records (ignore, update all, choose)
  • Control if new records are inserted
  • Create and Save detailed or summary log files that show the changes for each field
  • Set Default values in fields if input value is missing
  • Stamp fields with user-defined values (i.e., Set Last Results with name of the import file)


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